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How to Wire Four Speakers to a 2-Channel Amp · Step 1. Connect a wire from the left positive terminal of the amplifier to the positive terminal of one of the.

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Sep 08,  · I have some Mission surround speakers connected to the speaker terminals on the amp. These are not PC speakers, just regular Hi-Fi speakers. Now, what cable can I use to connect the laptop to the amp and get DIGITAL /DTS sound? The SP/DIF sockets on the laptop are ″ headphone types coloured blue, pink and black.

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Feb 25,  · The Sonos Connect Amp (on Amazon) is a real swiss-army knife when it comes to your home audio system. The thing that it does to audio directly is manage it such that you can amp it up and send it to two (left and right) speakers that are not themselves Sonos speakers. But the purpose of the device in your home audio system can vary a lot due to the flexibility of .